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Bringing community leaders to the front of the boxing ring at our annual fundraising gala for marginalized families at BGC East Scarborough

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Join BGCES and Red Owl Boxing to experience an unparalleled semi-formal event as Scarborough’s community leaders face off against one another in an exhilarating boxing match. Embracing the “Stronger Together” initiative, we are raising funds to provide Club memberships and accessible programming for all ages, cradle to career. Together, we can create positive change in our community.

A Message From The CEO'S

Join us for a knockout evening at the "Stronger Together" Boxing Fundraising Gala. We're eagerly gearing up to put on an iconic event filled with smiles, joy, and action at the Red Owl Boxing Entertainment Center, Playground.


Through your participation, countless youths and families will gain access to life-changing opportunities, setting them on a trajectory toward success, both mentally and physically. We invite you to step into the ring with us, whether by purchasing a ticket or by becoming a distinguished sponsor.


Prepare for a thrilling experience that will resonate long after the final bell rings.




Utcha Sawyers & Gabriel Fanous 

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November 17 | 25 Kings Cross Rd Unit 5A, Brampton, ON | 6 P.M. - 11 P.M.

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Develop affordable boxing memberships for low-income families and youth across East Scarborough.


Build impactful relationships that allows BGCES to provide ongoing opportunities and high-quality community services.


Raise awareness of the benefits boxing has on mental and physical health and self-confidence, which builds resilience.

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Make a difference while enjoying a night of entertainment and connecting. 

A tax receipt will be issued automatically to the purchaser of tickets.

Disclaimer: Please note that, in compliance with Canadian Deduction Laws, the value reflected on your tax receipt may not represent the total price paid, as certain deductions may apply.

General Admission - $100

With this ticket, you receive a event swag bag, access to the entire fight night, and snacks to enjoy! If you are purchasing one or more tickets, choose the corresponding value (ex. 2 tickets would equate to $200 or 4 tickets would equate to $400).

VIP Group Experience - $750

With the purchase of a VIP experience, you and 3 guests receive an event swag bag, 1 bottle of premium champagne & 1 bottle of premium alcohol from Red Owl Boxing sponsor, and a freshly prepared gourmet meal by our professional chef on-site, and private, skip the line event entry.

Sponsor a Ticket or Table

Can't attend but want to provide a ticket for someone in the community? Purchase a ticket at any amount and send an email to with a copy of your receipt.

Our mission goes beyond the excitement of the ring; it's about making a lasting impact in our community. By joining forces with BGCES and Red Owl Boxing, you are rallying to raise funds that will provide individuals of all ages the ability to access quality fitness programming within their community. Your support ensures positive change in the community is fostered, building a brighter future where every individual has the opportunity to thrive, learn, and grow.

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Segun Akinsanya

P: 4168090230

ESBGC: Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships and Resource Development


P: 6475512633

RO: General Manager at Red Owl Boxing


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